The aim is to provide a common forum to the physicians of India in Dakshina Kannada, to meet and share clinical experience and research observations in the field of Internal Medicine.

Memorandum of Association

1. The name of the Association is “Association of Physicians of India, DK Chapter”.
2. The registered office of the Association shall be situated at First Floor, IMA House, IMA Building, Hampanakatta, Mangalore 575001

Aims and Objectives

To encourage and advance the knowledge , study and practice of the science of internal medicine in all ways.
To hold meetings & organize conferences, exhibitions, study circles or conventions for the study and discussion of problems relating to and allied with the science of internal medicine.
To provide instructions and education to deserving persons in the science of internal medicine.
To award prizes, medals or other certificates to persons found deserving after such tests, examinations or other forms of scrutiny as may be prescribed from time to time.
To establish and maintain libraries and reading rooms.
To print, publish, distribute or sell books, pamphlets, notices, pictures, periodicals, newspapers or magazines or any other literature on any matter concerning or relating to the science or practice of internal medicine or the life or work of eminent persons.
To suggest, study, offer opinion and advise on the framing of laws affecting the science of practice of medicine, medical education, health policies and health care activities.
To Co-operate with other associations or individuals to promote the objects of the Association.
To receive any gift or legacy of moveable or immovable assets with or without conditions for promoting the objects of the Association.
To draw, make, accept, endorse, execute, negotiate, purchase, lend money on discount, hold and dispose of cheques, promissory notes, bill of exchange, drafts and other instruments and to cancel or change such instruments as per statute of Government.
To lay out, advance, invest, and deal with the Association’s funds for such investments and securities and generally in such manner as may be determined from time to time.
To engage such officials, servants or other persons as may be found necessary or useful for the conduct and management of the affairs of the Association.
To make bye-laws, rules and regulations of the association and to delete, change or add to the same from time to time.
To do all such other acts as may be necessary, incidental, conducive or convenient to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
The funds and income of the Society shall be utilised only for the objects of the society and no portion of it shall be utilised for payments to the members by way of profit, interests and dividends.
The General Secretary and President of the Society is authorised to correspond with the Registrar of Societies.
The association formed shall be irrevocable.
The benefits of the association shall be open to all irrespective of the caste, creed or religion.